Theatre Etiquette 101

Created by Kerry Hishon

Instructor Kerry Hishon is an actor, director, writer, and stage combatant with years of experience in youth theatre. Her course, Theatre Etiquette 101, is designed to help students be successful in their theatrical journeys.

When teaching students who are brand new to theatre, it’s important to discuss and apply the expectations of the drama classroom and the theatrical world.
This course starts by explaining "what is theatre etiquette", and then moves through every step in the production process from audition to post-show recovery.

Every module has tips for both you and your students, classroom exercises, rehearsal exercises, and reflections. There are also printable posters included to use in your classroom or backstage.

Module 0: Introduction 3:29 FREE PREVIEW
An introduction to the course and all of the modules.
Module 1: What is Theatre Etiquette? 8:55 FREE PREVIEW
This module answers the question 'What is Theatre Etiquette?' and why students need to learn it.
Module 2: Rehearsal Etiquette 12:15
This module focuses on classroom and rehearsal etiquette.
Module 3: Audition Etiquette 11:30
This module focuses on audition etiquette. What do students need to do to give the best audition possible?
Module 4: Costume Etiquette 14:47
This module looks at at costume etiquette, how to treat costumes properly, and ensure students look fabulous on stage in them.
Module 5: Props Etiquette 14:22
This module focuses on props etiquette, what a prop is and how to treat props respectfully.
Module 6: Tech and Dress Rehearsal Etiquette 9:54
Technical and dress rehearsals are often intense and can be very stressful. This module discusses how these rehearsals differ from regular rehearsals, why they are important, and how to survive them.
Module 7: Pre-Show Etiquette 9:54
This module focuses on pre-show preparation etiquette. Those hours leading up to performance time are so important for students to get into character and get focused for the task at hand. This module will help them to get into the right head space for performance.
Module 8: Show Etiquette 6:08
This module focuses on show time etiquette. What? There’s a certain way to act during showtime? Sure is, and it’s on top of acting on stage.
Module 9: Strike Etiquette 5:22
This module looks at strike etiquette. What is a strike? Why is it necessary and what’s involved in it?
Module 10: Post-Show Etiquette 3:59
This module focuses on post-show etiquette, dealing with post-show blues and going forward in your theatrical endeavors.

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