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Unit 4: Commedia Dell'Arte

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We take a side trip to Italy to discover a secular comedic form: Commedia Dell’arte.
Students will be introduced to the form, explore the characters and themes, and put their knowledge to practical application by creating a commedia character.

The overview lays out structure of this unit, provides essential questions, time management tips, and reference to SEL, Distance Learning, and assessment strategies.
Additional Attachments
1: Set the Stage for Commedia Dell'Arte
In this lesson, students will be introduced to the commedia dell’arte form and start their exploration of stock characters.
2: Creating a Commedia Character
Students will work through a process to create a commedia character.
3: Lazzi
Students will add to their commedia character by exploring Lazzi, practiced and predetermined comic bits.
4: Culminating Activity
Students will take everything they’ve learned and put together a commedia troupe, create a commedia character complete with lazzi, and present a scene based on one of the three main commedia themes.

Standards Addressed

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