The Absolutely Insidious and Utterly Terrifying Truth About Cat Hair

The Absolutely Insidious and Utterly Terrifying Truth About Cat Hair

by Bradley Walton

Cat hair is infinite. No matter how much hair you brush off of a cat, there will always be more. Always.

Cat hair has existed since the beginning of time, and it will be here long after cockroaches have become extinct. It is the secret driving force behind business and politics, and is plotting the downfall of humanity even as we speak.

Unbelievable? Find out for yourself in this insidious and utterly terrifying tale, which is also totally hilarious, easy to stage, and suitable for an insanely large cast. Brenda! Put down that brush! Step away from the cat!


Average Producer Rating:

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

About 25 minutes
Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks
8 Characters
8 Any Gender, Plus ensemble of 8-100
Simple Set
30 pages
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Praise for The Absolutely Insidious and Utterly Terrifying Truth About Cat Hair

Julia Huffman
Carroll Magnet Middle School
I fell in love with the quirkiness of this play right away. It's the perfect piece for middle school students, especially a group of zany kids that are creative enough to take risks and truly make the play their own.
PJ Muir
Witherlea School
Kids were buzzing and our parents were blown away. So many laugh out loud moments. Brilliant!
Brianna Dawe
Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School
Our Grade 7s and 8s loved this play. With a cast of 35, everyone felt like they had a meaningful role to play. The cat hairs loved coming up with movement, action and staging ideas to help develop their 'character'.

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