Shakespeare has writer’s block. Nothing inspires him. The best he can come up with is “Now is the winter of our irritation!” Postcards from Shakespeare by Allison Williams is so much more than your typical Shakespeare spoof.

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adapted by Laramie Dean from Bram Stoker

Based on Bram Stoker’s timeless novel, Dracula is a highly theatrical exploration of the evil that lurks inside all of us… and how it can become all-consuming, draining away our humanity and turning us into monsters.

Count Dracula travels from his castle in Transylvania to England with the intent of creating more vampires like himself. But little does he know that one woman may possess enough strength to destroy him forever.

Drama Classical Adaptation

Average Producer Rating:

About 100 minutes
Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks
13 Characters
5 M | 5 F | 3 Any Gender, plus Nosferatu and Assorted Monsters
Simple set
100 pages
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Praise for Dracula

Melanie Taylor
Raritan High School
The kids had a great time rehearsing and performing the play. We had a spectacular weekend of shows and the audience loved it!
Scott Hasbrouck
George Washington High School
There are so many scripts for Dracula out there. I really wanted to find one with a large cast, strong female characters, and less male characters. Laramie Dean's script did all these things.
Loriann Schmidt
Keizer Homegrown Theatre
This play was so well-written, with a lot of timely focus on the nature of evil and the strength of the women. There was a quite a bit of room for character exploration including motivations, emotions and ethics. Our cast could really sink their teeth into this production and found plenty of opportunities for emotional exploration and physicality. I was very impressed with key lines that really highlighted the presence of evil in all of us, but the human capacity to rise above it. Mina's character is not helpless and calls us all to be better and do better in the face of overwhelming opposition.

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