Empathy 2.0

Created by Steven Stack

Brought to you by instructor Steven Stack, creator of The Empathetic Classroom, this course looks at ways to move on from the worldwide pandemic, while honoring the past and learning from it. In the past year, students had many things taken from them: school, hanging out with friends, freedom, hope, and innocence.

With this course, each session will highlight one specific topic relating to moving on. There will also be activities for each session that will help your students own the past, embrace their own and others’ narratives and scars, create a stronger classroom community, find ways to be where their feet are planted, and learn to play again.

Session 0: Disclaimer 0:57 FREE PREVIEW
A brief introduction to the course, instructor, and disclaimer relating to mental health issues.
Session 1: Introduction 10:02 FREE PREVIEW
This session introduces the material and lays the foundation for the course material.
Session 2: Embracing Your Scars 14:08
The second session, “Embracing Your Scars,” is where we start seeing our scars not as something to hide but as critical parts of who we are and something to be embraced and shared.
Session 3: Finding the Gap 17:08
The third session, “Finding the Gap,” is about those times when life is about to get the best of us and being able to find that space between being present and losing it.
Session 4: The Impermanent Improv 18:58
The Fourth session, “Life: The Impermanent Improv’’ is all about the realization that life is not a play; it’s improv. Listening and responding, thinking on your feet and the phrase “Yes and . . .” are all vital in order to go with the flow of and making the most of this thing called life.
Session 5: What's Now? 24:43
The Fifth session, which moves us into the “What’s Now?” is about moving on from last year and embracing play and being in the giant sandbox of life. Being goofy, not worrying it looks or the point of it all, and simply being six again.
Session 6: The Final Wrap Up 4:16
The sixth, and final session, will wrap up everything we’ve discussed and hopefully, offer more encouragement as you go forward into the coming year.

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