Strong Ensemble = Strong Play

Created by Craig Mason

This mini-course will give you a toolkit to bring your shows to the next level by having an engaged, active, ensemble.

The ensemble is a critical part of a large cast show. But you can't leave them to fend for themselves. They need structure. They need exercises and activities.

In Strong Ensemble = Strong Play, you'll be given ensemble-building exercises. You'll also discover specific activities that will help your ensemble become three-dimensional characters who have something to do and something to play in every moment they are on stage.

We'll look at case studies that take the exercises learned in the course and apply them to specific shows.

Module 0: Introduction 8:05 FREE PREVIEW
What is an ensemble? What are the ways a strong ensemble creates the world of the play?
Module 1: Ensemble Building Exercises 17:14 FREE PREVIEW
There is this whole series of games out there that aren’t focused on one person winning. They’re designed such that everyone who plays has to work together. In this module you’ll learn five specific games in detail: The Machine, The Manhole Cover, Spaghetti, Rock Paper Cheerleader, and Pass the Stone.
Module 2: Character Building 17:18
Character profiles, character exercises, and rehearsal exercises. Exercises for anyone in your cast but especially your ensemble.
Module 3: Relationships 8:36
We have relationships with everyone we encounter, everything we see. Part of bringing the ensemble to life, making them three-dimensional characters, will be helped by defining those relationships.
Module 4: Case Studies 17:21
Take the toolkit outlined in Modules 1, 2, and 3 (that’s ensemble building activities, character profiles, and relationships) and apply them to specific shows.

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