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Basic Lighting for Drama Teachers

Created by Claire Broome

Join drama teacher Claire Broome and explore the basics of lighting, including lighting systems and instruments, lighting plots, how to record a lighting cue, and alternative sources of lighting. You’ll learn some practical, hands-on ways of using lighting in your classroom or theatre, whether you have a lighting system or not.

This course is packed with hands-on examples, activities for your students, and videos to develop your students’ understanding. Find out why lighting is such an important character in a production.

Course Outline

Lesson 0: Introduction 2:08 FREE PREVIEW
Review of objectives of the course and how to approach each module.
Lesson 1: The Lights 14:13 FREE PREVIEW
Learn how lighting works, name the different parts of lighting instruments and accessories and finally, what kinds of light each instrument produces.
Lesson 2: Lighting Systems 5:41
Explore the parts of lighting systems and different types of lighting boards.
Lesson 3: Lighting Plots 5:05
Learn how lights can be hung for maximum flexibility when lighting.
Lesson 4: Recording Lighting 3:23
Learn how to record lighting cues for future use and how to connect them to the stage manager’s prompt book.
Lesson 5: Low-Budget Lighting 6:22
How to light a show on a budget; learn some alternatives to a traditional lighting system.

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Standards Addressed

California VAPA Standards (2019)

7.TH:Cr1 Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work

7.TH:Cr1.c - Explain and present solutions to design challenges in a drama/ theatre work.

6.TH:Cn11.2 Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding.

6.TH:Cn11.2.b - Investigate the time period and place of a drama/theatre work to better understand performance and design choices.

Georgia Performance Standards - Theatre Arts

Tennessee Theatre Curriculum Standards

Tennessee Theatre standards (2018) standards were built using the framework of the NCAS which is built on four key domains: Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Connecting, and Responding. Within each of these domains are foundations and standards to support the development of curriculum, programs, and learning.
(source: Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Academic Standards for Fine Arts, Summer 2018)

Please refer to National Core Arts Standards to determine the standard that best suits your needs.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Theatre Arts

MS 117.212 LII - Foundations: Inquiry and Understanding

B.1.E - demonstrate knowledge of theatrical vocabulary and terminology.

HS 117.316 LII - Creative Expression: production

C.3.A - develop and practice safe and effective stagecraft skills.

Alberta, Canada

Technical Theatre/Design 10-20-30 - Costume

4 - demonstrate knowledge of appropriate safety procedures

British Columbia (2018)

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