Basic Lighting for Drama Teachers

Created by Claire Broome

Join drama teacher Claire Broome and explore the basics of lighting, including lighting systems and instruments, lighting plots, how to record a lighting cue, and alternative sources of lighting. You’ll learn some practical, hands-on ways of using lighting in your classroom or theatre, whether you have a lighting system or not.

This course is packed with hands-on examples, activities for your students, and videos to develop your students’ understanding. Find out why lighting is such an important character in a production.

Lesson 0: Introduction 2:08 FREE PREVIEW
Review of objectives of the course and how to approach each module.
Lesson 1: The Lights 14:13 FREE PREVIEW
Learn how lighting works, name the different parts of lighting instruments and accessories and finally, what kinds of light each instrument produces.
Lesson 2: Lighting Systems 5:41
Explore the parts of lighting systems and different types of lighting boards.
Lesson 3: Lighting Plots 5:05
Learn how lights can be hung for maximum flexibility when lighting.
Lesson 4: Recording Lighting 3:23
Learn how to record lighting cues for future use and how to connect them to the stage manager’s prompt book.
Lesson 5: Low-Budget Lighting 6:22
How to light a show on a budget; learn some alternatives to a traditional lighting system.

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