SEL Through the Lens of Theatre

Created by Christa Vogt

SEL stands for Social Emotional Learning. Theatre teachers know that Social Emotional Learning and its categories: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making, are innate in what we do.

The goal of this mini-course is to show you that you can take SEL in the way that your administration wants you to, using the language they want you to use, and apply it to lessons you already teach.

Instructor Christa Vogt will take you through the facets of SEL, and then take you step by step through an activity - to show you how you can apply SEL to each and every step.

Module 0: Introduction 10:44 FREE PREVIEW
This module introduces the concept of SEL and discusses the 5 key facets, and how they relate directly to learning in the drama classroom.
Module 1: Defining Ensemble Activity 12:11 FREE PREVIEW
In this module, the instructor walks through a simple classroom activity that she uses with her beginning acting class. The instructor will connect the steps of the activity to SEL components.

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