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Created by Josh Hatt

If the costumes in a play are going to be effective, we need to be thoughtful about how we use them.

In this mini-unit, students will demonstrate their understanding costume effectiveness and address the following questions: What is the role of costume in the performance? How does color contribute? How does the style of costume affect a performance? How does costume indicate setting? Do you need costumes in a scene?

The overview lays out the objectives for the unit and reviews the content of each lesson.
1: Introduction to Costuming
Students are introduced to costuming through a tableau exercise, discuss the role of costumes in a performance and the impact of colour in costumes. The lesson concludes with a costume research assignment.
2: Costume Effectiveness
Students give their research presentations from the previous class. They then discuss costume design and the impact of colour on costumes. How can colour communicate mood in a costume? Students complete a reflection on what they’ve learned so far.
3: Costume Sales Pitch Assignment
Students are given a Costume Sales Pitch Assignment. They will work in pairs to pitch costumes for a Blank Scene in which they must articulate mood, setting, the characters, and costume colours.
4: Costume Sales Pitch Presentations
Students are given time to prepare and then give their Costume Pitch Presentations. The emphasis is on the pairs demonstrating a knowledge of costume effectiveness.
5: Reflection
Students discuss the presentations from the previous class and reflect as a group on the process. They address the role of costumes and costume effectiveness in a scene.

Standards Addressed

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