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Organized Chaos: Discipline in the Theatre Classroom

by Matt Webster

To the outside observer, theatre classes often appear to be chaotic and lawless. However, successful theatre teachers know how to maintain control of their classrooms.

Organized Chaos: Discipline in the Theatre Classroom will give you tools and strategies to prepare you for challenges you may face as you step up in front of a class of students and introduce them to the art of theatre.

Whether you are a student teacher finishing college, a first-year teacher just starting out in the classroom, or an established teacher with a few years of experience under your belt, these lessons will provide insight and support as you establish discipline in your classroom.

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Big Picture Blocking: Staging Your Play Outside-In

by Todd Espeland

Working in educational theatre I know how easy it is to get bogged down in actor coaching and away from the bigger picture storytelling when directing a show. I saw a need for a method of text analysis and physical staging tools that help the director stay focused on the bigger picture of telling the story of the play.

This class is in two parts: The first consists of the text analysis tools P.A.S.T.O and Major Dramatic Question. From these tools you will brainstorm keywords to define your vision of the story.

In the second part of the class you will focus on taking the information generated in the text analysis and crafting the ideas into vibrant physical pictures through an exercise called Starburst.

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Basic Lighting for Drama Teachers

by Claire Broome

Join drama teacher Claire Broome and explore the basics of lighting, including lighting systems and instruments, lighting plots, how to record a lighting cue, and alternative sources of lighting. You’ll learn some practical, hands-on ways of using lighting in your classroom or theatre, whether you have a lighting system or not.

This course is packed with hands-on examples, activities for your students, and videos to develop your students’ understanding. Find out why lighting is such an important character in a production.

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Lesson Plans

What is Theatre?

by Karen Loftus

Students discuss and identify a working definition for theatre.They create a “Theatre Is….” poster for the room and are introduced to the concept of a ‘dramatic moment.’

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Theatre Role Definitions

by Karen Loftus

This session has students discuss the benefits of live theatre over film and apply the definition of the playwright, actor and director

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Onstage Action

by Karen Loftus

After a warm up, student learn about onstage action. They will reflect on the question of how having something “to do” onstage can help overcome stage fright.

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Stage Directions

by Karen Loftus

Students identify the stage directions and actor needs to know onstage and the necessary shorthand notation for each. They then apply their knowledge in an exercise and exit slip.

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The Technicalities of Stage Movement

by Karen Loftus

Students discuss and apply technical aspects of moving on stage: sightlines and staying open. They then apply these aspects in a short scene.

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Ensemble Building

by Lindsay Johnson

In this first lesson at the start of a new year, students learn daily classroom routines, participate in a name game, and complete a successful journal entry reflecting on circle discussion. They will begin to interact with the Weekly Ensemble Rubric through the journal element.

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Poster: Acting Tips

Five things every actor should reflect on before stepping onstage.

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Poster: 10 Things that Require Zero Talent

Print this poster out to hang in your classroom - it's a list of 10 things students can do that require ZERO talent.

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Class Routines - Warm-up Sequence

Use this warm-up sequence with your students as they prepare for class. The teacher or student leader leads the sequence by calling out the name of the exercise.

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Emergency Lesson Plans eBook

You need Emergency Lesson Plans. The unexpected comes up all the time.

This Emergency Lesson Plan Collection (30 lessons) will address all of your concerns and take into account all of your sub’s questions. Every Emergency Lesson Plan includes substitute instructions, handouts, and assessment suggestions.

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20 Classroom Rules

20 Classroom Rules poster for the drama classroom.

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In This Class - Set of 2 Posters

Set of 2 posters for the drama classroom; what you are learning in this class.

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