Close Reading in the Drama Classroom

Created by Lindsay Price

Close reading is an activity that puts curriculum standards into practice and it can be easily applied to the drama classroom.

Close reading asks a lot of your students. They have to read and think at the same time.

This course teaches drama teachers how the close reading process works, and gives them exercises and tools to apply it in the classroom.

Lesson 0: Introduction 15:03 FREE PREVIEW
Lesson 1: Be Prepared 22:14 FREE PREVIEW
This module answers questions like: What is Close Reading? What is its purpose? And what are the steps of Close Reading?
Lesson 1A: Being the Preparedest 12:55
In module 1A you’ll learn the final step to Close Reading - questions. Questions are key to Close Reading since they allow students to demonstrate comprehension.
Lesson 2: Pre-Study Exercises 27:56
This module is all about pre-study exercises such as how to Close Read a picture, a title and a sentence as a way to prepare your students to Close Read something more complicated.
Lesson 3: Modelling 37:26
You'll learn about modelling the process and how it helps your students approach Close Reading. In addition to using a monologue to model the process, you'll also learn some culminating activities.
Lesson 4: Shakespeare 29:34
In this module, you’ll learn the guidelines and steps to Close Reading Shakespeare. You’ll also Close Read the prologue to Romeo and Juliet.
Lesson 4A: Shakespeare Continued 21:00
You’ll continue on with the Close Reading of Shakespeare as you Close Read the Sampson and Gregory scene from Romeo and Juliet.
Lesson 5: Modern 14:18
In this module you’ll learn pre-study exercises and step through the Close Reading process with an Early Modern play - The Importance of Being Earnest.
Lesson 6: Modern Continued 22:24
Continuing on with the Modern era, you’ll Close Read an absurd play: The Bald Soprano and a teen issue play: Censorbleep.
Lesson 7: Exercises 6:18
You’ll learn even more exercises that will serve as exercises for your students’ minds. These are exercises you can take immediately into the classroom.
Lesson 8: Assessment 8:52
You’ll address assessment of Close Reading by seeking the answers to the following questions: How do you assess something that is by and large a process? How do you assess something that demands a student draw conclusions?

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