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Marketing the Arts

by James Van Leishout

This course covers the four stages of creating and implementing a marketing plan. It starts with the question, what are you selling?, and goes all the way through to evaluation. The course covers both traditional and new media, with examples and opportunities to apply the learning to each teacher's own situation.

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Lesson Plans

Movie Poster Tableau

by Stephanie-Ann Cocking

Students will understand the use of the tableau as a theatrical device (to make a powerful statement). Students will learn to cooperate as they create both on-the-spot and semi-planned improvisations.

In groups, students create a movie poster tableau for an “original movie.” After all the groups have had their turn, each group prepares and performs a scene from their movie.

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Create A Playbill

by Lindsay Price

Students create a play program for a curriculum text based on their knowledge of the text and given criteria. This can be done physically in class using markers and magazine pictures, and online resources such as and

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Marketing and Audience Experience

by Karen Loftus

This unit will explore a couple of the Business roles: (1) Marketing and (2) Front of House. As a reminder: Artistic jobs create ideas. The production jobs implement those ideas. And the business jobs provide the framework that allow those ideas to be shared.

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The Production Publicity Toolkit

In the school market, you rarely have a marketing budget. But you have a lot of resources for publicity. You have social media, your students, community outreach, and more. The Production Publicity Toolkit can help you create the awareness and attention your production deserves.

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Marketing Your Show

Hosted by Matt Webster, Lindsay Price, Candice McMath, Lea Marshall

Your show dates are booked, your cast and crew are hard at work… all you need now is an audience! The question is, how do you get it? Join us for a discussion with seasoned pros on how to market your show, learn unique ways to get the community involved, and walk away with tools that will help you make your production a sell-out.

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