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6 Resources tagged "Online Performance" for Drama Teachers.


Ten Traditional Activities Adapted for the Virtual Classroom

10 traditional drama activities, adapted for the virtual/online classroom.

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Designing Your Virtual Classroom

When teaching classes via video conferencing, it’s good to think about what’s going on behind you. This doesn’t mean pets walking through your virtual classroom or visible piles of laundry in view of your camera, although those should probably be kept out of view as much as possible!
Having an interesting and creative background can grab students’ attention, be a conversation starter, or make them laugh. It’s also fun to switch things up and create a fresh atmosphere for your virtual classroom.

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Getting Ready to Direct your First Virtual Play

Virtual productions are popping up everywhere now, specifically designed to be performed online, and they are a wonderful way to keep your students together and keep their love of theatre going – just in a different way. If you’re thinking about doing a virtual production, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

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05 - Alternative Performances Tips & Tricks

Lindsay Price leads a presentation on alternative performances, including interviews with drama teachers and a panel discussion to help navigate the do's and don'ts of recording or streaming an online production.

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