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5 Resources tagged "Script Analysis" for Drama Teachers.


Script Analysis for Student Actors

Five Steps to Building your Foundation through script analysis.

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Script Analysis For Actors: Action Words

This exercise looks at exploring your script through action words. The idea is to find the “action” in your dialogue. I’m not talking about blocking. I’m talking about visualizing action, injecting movement and life into your performance.

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There are no small parts, only small choices

How can we keep every actor engaged? Give them something to explore, even if they only have one line. Do this exercise with your class or with your cast. Every actor can benefit from learning how to approach a single line.

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Drama Teacher Tune-Up 2

Our second Drama Teacher Tune Up!

We look at including mask work in the classroom, Shakespeare, Close Reading, and Classroom Management..

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Poster: Structural Elements of a Script

Printable poster for the classroom "What are the Structural Elements of a Script?"

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