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Return, Restore, Rebound: Post-Pandemic Resource eBook

The pandemic that began in 2020 fundamentally changed classroom environments around the world. Something as simple as seeing students in your class was no longer guaranteed. In addition, an unprecedented “digital divide” was created between teachers and their students, making it difficult to establish a connection and engage.

This lack of interpersonal connection was especially detrimental to the drama classroom. Theatre teachers emphasize interpersonal interactions to help teach the basic concepts of drama, from listening skills to creative problem solving all the way to building ensemble and empathy. These kinds of social and emotional learning qualities are the foundations of the theatre curriculum. This is why it is so important to re-establish these skills when teachers and students return to classroom teaching.

This resource anticipates the challenges that await you when you return to full-time, face-to face teaching. It is designed to provide you with materials you will need to return, restore, and rebound in your teaching space, curriculum, and relationship with your students.

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