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Items tagged "Theatre Career"

2 Lesson Plans and 7 Resources tagged "Theatre Career" for Drama Teachers.

Lesson Plans

Jobs in Theatre

by Elisabeth Oppelt

This lesson diagrams the main roles in a theatre. Students complete a graphic organizer describing each of these roles and allows students to decide which job appeals to them the most.

Includes a slide show.

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Becoming a Professional Actor: Getting Started

by Lindsay Price

Many students dream about becoming a professional actor. But what are the steps? How do you start? It’s not as simple as saying “I want to be an actor.” Students will move beyond this vague statement to research and present specific aspects of starting an acting career.

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Be Amazing In Two Minutes Or Less

An audition guide for student actors. Covers choosing, preparing, and performing monologues. Plus - how to process feedback.

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Becoming a Professional Actor: Acting School

Some professional actors attend an acting school after high school. Some don’t. Which is the right
path? Training is never a bad thing. But there’s no one answer to the kind of training a professional
actor needs.

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Becoming a Professional Actor: Avoiding Scams

Young actors fall prey to scams every day. They so want to be in the business, they’ll do anything to make it happen. Unfortunately there are many people out there who know this and will also do anything to get money out of the naive actor. Read this guide to learn how to avoid scams for actors starting out.

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Becoming a Professional Actor: Headshots and Resumes

Headshots and resumes are necessary. They say what you look like and what you’ve done. If you want to become a professional actor it’s important to know the ins and outs of both. Make them simple and straightforward. No bells and whistles. This guide has all your student actors need to know.

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Black Theatre Artists

This document contains a collection of quotes, notable works, awards and bio information for Black theatre artists in a variety of fields. Activity suggestions included.

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