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Free Play Makeup

Created by Josh Hatt

This is a student centred mini-unit on makeup design. Makeup is useful in transporting an audience to a different world.

The purpose is for students to understand that makeup is a tool that theatre technicians can use in order to contribute to effective performance aesthetics; to understand basic makeup rules and care instruction; to understand how to complete a makeup design plot; to look at a project and figure out for themselves what they need to succeed.

The overview lays out the objectives for the unit, and reviews the content of each lesson.
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1: Introduction to Makeup
Students are introduced to makeup through video demonstration and discuss the impact of makeup in a performance. What is the role of makeup in an effective production? Resources are introduced along with the Makeup Code of Conduct. The lesson concludes with students conducting research on pictures for possible makeup designs.
2: Makeup Techniques
Students explore basic makeup techniques through practical means, video demonstration, and online research.
3: Liquid Latex Technique
This is a completely optional day as it requires a material (liquid latex) that you wouldn’t normally have on hand. It gives you an opportunity to show students another facet of stage makeup, opening the door for ideas and projects that students can do within this mini unit. It also creates a great “buy- in” for students who have been reticent to the process thus far.
4: Makeup Assignment
In this class period, students must decide what makeup application they are going to strive for and determine what skills they need to make it happen.
5: Makeup Design Plot
Students work on their makeup design plot. They have this class period to complete their design on paper.
6: Makeup Skill Practice
Students use this class to learn and practice any makeup skills they will require to complete their makeup design.
7: Makeup Application
Students take everything they have learned, and complete their makeup designs on themselves.
8: Reflection
Students discuss and reflect on the process. What went well? What didn’t go so well?

Standards Addressed

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