Creating the Ensemble-Based Classroom

Created by Gai Jones

Gai Jones will help you establish an ensemble-based environment from the first day of class or rehearsal.

Learn how to set up your ensemble-based classroom from day one, get students to set classroom norms, and find the balance between creative activity and structure. You’ll learn how to give your students creative freedom through structure and classroom management. The cornerstone of this course are the detailed ensemble experiences from large group to small group and even individual experiences.

This course culminates in a devising model that you can use with your students, and takes you through process, product, performance and an evaluation.

You too can create the ensemble-based classroom.

Lesson 0: Introduction 15:29 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson includes an introduction to the class, the instructor’s background, the philosophy of using ensemble experiences instead of games, and the definition of educational learning models for ensemble experiences.
Lesson 1: Collaborative Environment 14:27 FREE PREVIEW
Discover how to prepare before embarking on an ensemble-based project. You’ll also learn collaboration exercises for Day One, ways to establish consensus-based norms, methods to achieve class focus, and examples of reflective inquiry.
Lesson 2: Large Group Experiences 39:32
Learn how to teach objectives, obstacles, and tactics. This lesson will equip you with a template for ensemble experiences and some examples of large group experiences.
Lesson 3: Small Group Experiences 34:19
Even solo actors need to create an ensemble during monologue performances! This lesson features a list of small group experiences. Learn how to guide students through creating their own ensemble experiences.
Lesson 4: Creating a Devised Piece 29:01
After creating an ensemble of caring, communicative students, you’re ready to craft a devised ensemble piece. This lesson guides you through the entire process, including production and evaluation.

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