Google Drive in the Drama Classroom

Created by Josh Hatt

Instructor Joshua Hatt has taught drama students all over the world. He is passionate about the power of drama to connect people and the importance of reflection and journaling to build creative, critical thinkers.

He started using Google Drive as a response to the frustration of having his students lose curriculum booklets time and time again. His work developed into a powerful online home whereby students and teachers can communicate, contribute, collaborate, edit, and house all their documents online.

In this course, Josh will show you how to use Google Drive and Slides in your drama classroom. He's included step-by-step guided instruction, as well as activities to help you solidify your knowledge. Your drama classroom will be forever transformed!

Lesson 0: Introduction 9:44 FREE PREVIEW
Meet the instructor and learn how Google, specifically Google Slides, can be used in the Drama classroom.
Lesson 1: The Basics 6:12 FREE PREVIEW
You’ll jump right in and learn how to plan your class by using the workbook journal approach and how to make it fit your educational context and needs
Lesson 2: The Google Journal in Action 11:08
In lesson 2 you’ll get up close and personal with the program itself and through a series of examples, and mini-activities, you’ll have a better understanding of the possibilities for your classroom and how to begin you journals.
Lesson 3: Using Google Slides 11:17
You’ll learn how to make a copy of your journal, and add photos and video. You’ll have a solid understanding of how to navigate through your own journal and have a customized version that you might be able to use with your students.
Lesson 4: Customize your Google Slides 9:38
Building on what you’ve already learned in previous lessons, in lesson 4 will teach how to make your own document and how to format it. You’ll learn how to add text boxes, tables and how to add slides. Through examples, demonstrations, and mini-activities, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to make your own journal from scratch to fit your own classroom needs.
Lesson 5: Preparing for your Students 9:01
Learning all of these wonderful elements is great and you want to make sure you can share this with your students. In lesson 5 you’ll recap what you’ve learned and then move forward into the prep involved to make sure you feel confident that you can engage your students with this technology with as few “hiccups” as possible.
Lesson 6: Introducing Google Drive to your students 8:19
In this lesson you’ll learn how to use an introductory lesson to get your students started. Using an lesson provided to you below the video module, by the end of this lesson you should feel confident delivering your introductory lesson to your students.
Lesson 7: Addressing Common Issues 5:36
Troubleshooting! In this lesson Joshua steps you through various “glitches” you might run into when working with you students on this project. “Forewarned is forearmed” and Joshua makes sure you feel prepared to take on this new project and for implementation.
Lesson 8: The Basics: Part 2 7:02
If you’re a Power Point or Keynote user, working offline might make your more comfortable. In this lesson, Joshua guides you through how to design your journal in Power Point and upload it to Google Drive. He’ll also share tips and trick to ensure proper formatting. By the end of the lesson, you’ll be able to transition between Power Point and Google Slides seamlessly.
Lesson 9 : You Can Do It! 3:23
In this final lesson you’ll get to hit the “save” button on everything you’ve learned through a thorough review and recap.

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