Yes, And... How to Teach Improv

Created by Jennine Profeta

“Yes, and…” is the guiding principle behind all improv. This course will teach you how to teach improv, and more importantly how to give feedback to your students. The course looks at making strong offers and also using gibberish to ironically improv communication skills. You will also see how feelings can safely be used to add flavour and get laughs in our scenes.

Jennine Profeta, Second City performer and theatre educator, leads this course with a clear methodology for teaching and giving positive nurturing feedback. This course will give you all the tools and the insight you need to teach improv with confidence.

Lesson 0: Introduction 6:39 FREE PREVIEW
Lesson 1: Yes, And...! 13:52 FREE PREVIEW
In Lesson 1 you’ll learn three simple exercises that help you and your students learn the power of “saying yes” in improv.
Lesson 2: Telling Stories 13:38
You’ll take what you’ve learned in Lesson 1 about saying “Yes, and...” and apply it to storytelling. You’ll encourage your students to think about “the group win” and stop thinking so much about how they can be the funniest person in the room.
Lesson 3: Strong Offers and Character 15:42
In lesson 3 you’ll learn exercises that will help you and your students to “make strong offers” and create and develop strong characters.
Lesson 4: Environment and Object Work 13:28
Next up, you’ll focus on movement and environment and object work in improvisation. Various warm ups and activities allow you and your student to explore these concepts in depth.
Lesson 5: Gibberish 14:06
Ithage kneja wa sena… Oops, sorry - this lesson is all about Gibberish! You’ll continue your work using the “gift giving” exercise and build upon it to create better scenes.
Lesson 6: Emotional Work 19:31
In this lesson, we’ll incorporate emotions into scene work. Through warm ups and exercises, you’ll reinforce the idea that ideas are safe in the theatre classroom and we can play with them and see the effect they have on our scenes.
Lesson 7: Questions 11:19
In Lesson 7 you’ll learn how questions affect a scene. Questions often hold performers back. In this lesson you’ll learn a new warm up and an exercise called “Job Interview.”
Lesson 8: Intro to Scene Work 16:36
You’ll take all you’ve learned so far and start to apply it toward scene work. You’ll learn how to guide and support your students as they take this next step.
Lesson 9: Wrap-up 5:56
This lesson is a wrap up and review of all of the wonderful warm ups, exercises and overall advice that you’ve learned about improvisation.

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