Impowerment Improv

Created by Jennine Profeta

Jennine Profeta, Second City performer and theatre educator, leads this course. This course was designed to give a teacher tools to create a safe environment in which students can go beyond their old patterns to take risks, embrace failure, be more confident and aware of the effects of their word choice. The course includes modules on risk-taking, creating a safe environment, failure, confidence, and positive/negative speak.

Module 0: Introduction 4:29 FREE PREVIEW
This module introduces the course and lays the foundation for the modules to come.
Module 1: Risk Taking 17:54 FREE PREVIEW
This module introduces exercises that encourage risk taking and creating a safe environment.
Module 2: Encouraging Failure 9:34
This module explores failure, and how an improv failure can be a gift.
Module 3: Confidence 12:26
This module is all about developing confidence in your students, through improv.
Module 4: Positive and Negative Speak 9:37
This module focusses on positive and negative speak, and how to identify it.
Module 5: Wrap Up 2:07
This module wraps up the course and emphasizes the key learnings.

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