Coaching Improv

Created by Jennine Profeta

Second City performer and theatre educator Jennine Profeta is back and ready to help you take your Improv classes to the next level. It’s all getting students to perform - and how to be a great improv coach who can keep them supported and grounded (and having fun!)

In this course, you’ll learn the golden rules of improv. You’ll learn a bunch of improv games (great for warm-ups, teaching tools, and even for competitions). You’ll learn Jennine’s tips and tricks for what to look for when coaching and how to troubleshoot common issues.

The course is designed to help you improv as an ensemble and give you the know-how to coach with confidence whether it’s in the classroom or on the stage!

Lesson 0: Introduction 11:24 FREE PREVIEW
Meet instructor Jennine Profeta, learn what the course will cover and how it can help you to coach improv.
Lesson 1: Team Building 24:17 FREE PREVIEW
Learn why team building is crucial to successful improvisation.
Lesson 2: Who, What, Where 18:13
This module focuses on focus the core concepts of improv, beginning with platforms, or who, what, where.
Lesson 3: Making Strong Choices 14:39
Learn what strong choices are (the second pillar of improv), and why the commitment is so important to improv.
Lesson 4: Emotional Stakes 12:23
This module focuses on emotional stakes - learn why emotion is the easiest way to up the stakes in a scene, and how to coach your students to use this effectively.
Lesson 5: Listen and Respond 11:42
This module wraps up core concepts by looking at listening-responding and its importance in successful improv.
Lesson 6: Public Performance & Competition 17:27
This module is all about public performance and competition, including how to host games, and how to deal with audience suggestions.
Lesson 7: Side Coaching 13:25
This module is all about you, the teacher, with a focus on coaching, particularly side coaching during performance and competition, and how to give feedback to your students.
Lesson 8: Wrap Up 10:36
This module wraps up the course, with some additional performance tips included.

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