Impowerment Improv

Created by Jennine Profeta

Taking risks, learning to see failure as a gift, finding courage when we don't feel it, and having the awareness that what we say has an impact are social and emotional skills students will take beyond the classroom. These are skills that can be built through improv exercises.

The exercises in this unit are designed to create a safe environment in which students can go beyond their old patterns to take risks, embrace failure, and be more confident and aware of the effects of their word choices. Improv gives you the opportunity to draw attention to these important concepts and to talk about them.

The overview lays out the objectives, time management and assessment instructions for the unit.
1: Risk-Taking
This lesson aims to encourage students to take risks and allay fear.
2: Failure
This lesson encourages students to embrace failure as a positive aspect rather than negative.
3: Confidence
This lesson allows students to practice and apply attributes of confidence.
4: Positive and Negative Speak
This lesson has students identify and have self-awareness of positive and negative speak.

Standards Addressed

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