Musical Theatre

Created by Anna Porter

Musical Theatre has two components that separate it from straight plays: song and dance. This unit gives students the opportunity to try out both. In musical theatre, music signifies heightened emotion. We can’t express ourselves with just words, we need music (and through extension, song and dance) to take it further.

This unit includes three lesson plans:

  1. Acting the Song - “Musical Tactics”
  2. Acting the Song - “Textual Analysis”
  3. Introduction to Dance

A solo performance assignment is also included, and the unit includes assessment tools - rubrics, reflections, and self-evaluations.

Unit Overview
In musical theatre, music signifies heightened emotion and is used to take the story further. In this 3 lesson mini unit, students will explore how to use their body, lyrics and the music to communicate the stories they are telling. Through this three lesson series, students will use journals, participate in class discussions and practice the elements taught by performing for their peers and as a class. Assessment tools include both informal assessment as well as a final solo musical performance and/or a self-reflection assessment at the end of the unit.
1: Acting the Song - Musical Tactics
Students will understand how they can identify and create their own musical tactics and interpretation of a song by breaking down its music and lyrics. Students will build upon/review their understanding of basic music terminology and apply it to performance.
2: Acting the Song - Textual Analysis
Students will understand how to analyze a song to find meaning, objective, and tactics through textual analysis.
3: Introduction to Dance
Students will understand the importance of endurance, emotion, and commitment in movement when performing. They will also gain an understanding of how to pick up choreography by learning the concepts of routine and anticipation.
4: Final Project
This unit includes the opportunity for students to choose and perform a musical theatre piece using the oral techniques and textual analysis that they learned in the lesson.

Standards Addressed

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