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Production Classroom Units Overview

Created by Karen Loftus

The overview lays out the all of the parts of The Production Classroom Units - which is divided into three parts.

In Part One, you’ll take your students through a series of pre-production units designed to help students gain as much comprehension as possible about putting on a successful production.

Part Two offers articles on each step in the process, samples and forms, a suggested pacing, role definitions and task checklists, an outline for a typical class, as well as performance duties. This section also outlines the assessment piece for The Production Classroom – the production binder.

Part Three provides a Post-Performance Reflection. Unpack the experience with students, reflect back on what went right and what could be changed for next time. A written Reflection is included as well as a Rubric for student production binders.

Producing a show together as a class is the ultimate in both project-based learning and using higher-order thinking skills. Students will gain experience in working in a group, time management, conflict resolution, and other interpersonal skills necessary to working as part of a creative team. By breaking down the production process into specific sections, you can ensure that your students have the necessary skills to produce a successful show. In addition, whereas trying to take a show from audition to performance usually feels rushed, The Production Classroom allows you to really dive deep into the production process. These units could easily be spaced out over the course of a semester or over the course of an entire year.

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