Part of the Production Classroom Units Curriculum

Part One - Pre-Production

Created by Karen Loftus

In Part One of The Production Classroom, you’ll take your students through a series of pre-production units designed to help students gain as much comprehension as possible about putting on a successful production.

The overview lays out the lesson plans in the unit and includes the assessment and materials.
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1: Preparing to Produce
This unit marks the first step in the production process: identifying and understanding theatre company roles, identifying student skills for particular roles, and identifying production needs.
2: Costume and Scenic
In this unit you’ll explore the elements created by scenic and costume designers as well as technical directors and costume shop managers to convey the designs and bring the final production to life.
3: Lighting and Sound
The lighting and sound you use for The Production Classroom will depend on what resources are available to you. This unit will explore how your lighting and sound designers can prepare and execute their designs to help support the script of your show.
4: Marketing and Audience Experience
This unit will explore a couple of the Business roles: (1) Marketing and (2) Front of House. As a reminder: Artistic jobs create ideas. The production jobs implement those ideas. And the business jobs provide the framework that allow those ideas to be shared.
5: Student Leadership - Stage and Production Management
This unit will allow students to explore the responsibilities of the stage manager and production manager. It may help you determine who the best students are for these roles.

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