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Our Authors

Rachel Atkins

Plays by Rachel Atkins

Treanor Baring

Plays by Treanor Baring

Shirley Barrie

Plays by Shirley Barrie

Holly Beardsley

Plays by Holly Beardsley

Krista Boehnert

Plays by Krista Boehnert

Brian Borowka

Plays by Brian Borowka

Claire Broome

Plays by Claire Broome

Michael Calderone

Plays by Michael Calderone

Lee Cataluna

Plays by Lee Cataluna

Amanda Murray Cutalo

Plays by Amanda Murray Cutalo

Sylvia Davenport-Veith

Plays by Sylvia Davenport-Veith

Laramie Dean

Plays by Laramie Dean

Patrick Derksen

Plays by Patrick Derksen

Kathleen Donnelly

Plays by Kathleen Donnelly

Todd Espeland

Plays by Todd Espeland

Christopher Evans

Plays by Christopher Evans

Kristin Gauthier

Plays by Kristin Gauthier

Scott Giessler

Plays by Scott Giessler

Jeyna Lynn Gonzales

Plays by Jeyna Lynn Gonzales

Allison Green

Plays by Allison Green

Stephen Gregg

Plays by Stephen Gregg

Alan Haehnel

Plays by Alan Haehnel

Emma Fonseca Halverson

Plays by Emma Fonseca Halverson

Dave Hammers

Plays by Dave Hammers

Jeffrey Harr

Plays by Jeffrey Harr

Janice Harris

Plays by Janice Harris

Julie Hartley

Resources by Julie Hartley

Bradley Hayward

Plays by Bradley Hayward

Kerry Hishon

Resources by Kerry Hishon

Jim Hoare

Resources by Jim Hoare

Billy Houck

Plays by Billy Houck

Christian Kiley

Plays by Christian Kiley

Kate Kilpatrick

Plays by Kate Kilpatrick

Karen Loftus

Resources by Karen Loftus

Lea Marshall

Plays and Resources by Lea Marshall

Wendy-Marie Martin

Plays by Wendy-Marie Martin

Craig Mason

Plays and Resources by Craig Mason

Mrs. Evelyn Merritt

Plays and Resources by Mrs. Evelyn Merritt

John Minigan

Plays by John Minigan

Dara Murphy

Plays by Dara Murphy

Forrest Musselman

Plays by Forrest Musselman

Colleen Neuman

Plays by Colleen Neuman

John Donald O'Shea

Plays by John Donald O'Shea

RS Paulette

Plays by RS Paulette

Ken Preuss

Plays by Ken Preuss

Lindsay Price

Plays and Resources by Lindsay Price

Jennine Profeta

Resources by Jennine Profeta

Gary Rodgers

Plays by Gary Rodgers

Kirk Shimano

Plays by Kirk Shimano

Johanna Skoreyko

Plays by Johanna Skoreyko

Clint Snyder

Plays by Clint Snyder

Steven Stack

Plays by Steven Stack

Chris Stiles

Plays by Chris Stiles

Taryn Temple

Plays by Taryn Temple

Bradley Walton

Plays by Bradley Walton

Matthew Webster

Plays and Resources by Matthew Webster

Michael Wehrli

Plays by Michael Wehrli

Judith White

Plays by Judith White

J. Robert Wilkins

Plays by J. Robert Wilkins

Allison Williams

Plays by Allison Williams

Robert Wing

Plays by Robert Wing

Sholeh Wolpé

Plays by Sholeh Wolpé

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