The Production Classroom

Created by Karen Loftus

In The Production Classroom, instructor Karen Loftus will show you how to explore ways that you can produce shows during your regular class time. The course gives you a series of exercises and reflections that help you determine everything, from the type of show you may want to do, to the way you can divide up your class and responsibilities, to specific assignments that will keep your students engaged and focused.

The Production Classroom is the ultimate in project-based learning. Students learn to work collaboratively while setting goals and working towards a successful finished project. The course includes exercises and strategies to use with students to help assure their success in the production. Multiple examples and anecdotes help you to envision what the production classroom could look like in your room, performance space or theatre.

Lesson 0: Introduction 3:36 FREE PREVIEW
Lesson 0 introduces the course and lays out details of Lessons 1-7.
Lesson 1: Resources 12:57 FREE PREVIEW
In this lesson, teachers and students learn how to identify the resources available for a production, including time, space, and type of show.
Lesson 2: Theatre Company Positions 15:56
This lesson explores different ways for students to identify and understand the various positions in a theatre company.
Lesson 3: Space 11:02
This lesson helps students and teachers learn to address the challenge of space - how to use the space you have in the most productive way.
Lesson 4: Responsibilities 33:56
This lesson discusses how to keep your students engaged by defining the jobs and responsibilities of each person in each department.
Lesson 5: Classroom Procedures 8:28
This lesson moves through the process and procedures of the production classroom in rehearsal on a day-to-day basis.
Lesson 6: Technical Rehearsals & Performances 10:35
This lesson reviews strategies for technical rehearsals and performances - how to keep students prepared and engaged using a framework.
Lesson 7: Pitfall Strategies & Reflection 9:31
This final lesson reviews the classroom production process and discusses strategies to deal with various challenges faced during the process.

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