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Ancient Greek Theatre

Created by Karen Loftus

This unit on Ancient Greek theatre focuses on the function of the chorus, the choral ode, and the details of the theatre space. It touches on plays and playwrights of the era, culminating in a final project of a modern version of Medea that includes a choral ode.

Unit Overview
The overview lays out the structure of the unit, including objectives, materials list, lesson structure and assessment and time management tools.
Additional Attachments
1: Introduction
Students discuss myths, explore group movement and combine movement with choral speaking in a choral ode.
2: The Theatre
Students are introduced to aspects of Ancient Greek Theatre and the performing space. The session culminates in students creating their own choral ode in groups.
3: The Theatre Space
Students label parts of an Ancient Greek Amphitheatre and apply their knowledge in an exercise.
4: Unit Project
The final project for this unit will be a modern version of the Ancient Greek play Medea. Students are exposed to the plot and characters, then create their own version to perform.

Standards Addressed

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