Part of the Production Classroom Units Curriculum

Part Two - Rehearsal and Performance

Created by Karen Loftus

Part Two offers articles on each step in the process, samples and forms, a suggested pacing, role definitions and task checklists, an outline for a typical class, as well as performance duties. This section also outlines the assessment piece for The Production Classroom – the production binder.

Table of Contents
Each element of Part Two is clearly laid out in the Table of Contents.
1: Step by Step
This lesson covers a general overview of The Production Classroom process. It includes pacing suggestions for each step as well as how to find the necessary documentation to complete each step.
2: Production Binder
This lesson describes the production binder, including everything that should be included as well as how to organize.
3: Company Positions and Tasks
This document outlines all of the potential roles and tasks for students in The Production Classroom. It includes the tasks each student is to complete for their production binder, as well as their particular role during the performance of the show.
4: The Audition Process
This 3-part process includes preparation for auditions, initial auditions, and callbacks.
5: The Rehearsal Process
This process covers typical day procedures for rehearsal and documents students should be using daily during the rehearsal process.
6: Technical Rehearsals
A review of the various types and stages of technical rehearsals, as well as departmental responsibilities, daily procedures, and sample technical rehearsal schedule.
7: Performance and Strike
This cover the necessary procedures for each and every show, as well as what has to happen once your show is over. Checklists for setup and breakdown are included, as well as performance reports, strike plan and worksheets.

Standards Addressed

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