Laban: Advanced Characterization

Created by Todd Espeland

Learn about the Laban system to teach your students to physically and vocally discover character. This is an advanced course, which means that the course goes deep into exploring character and exploring character work through the work of Rudolph Laban.

Lesson 1: Introduction 7:06 FREE PREVIEW
Introduction to the course and explanation of how Laban work will be addressed throughout the course. This lesson breaks down each of the lessons that follow.
Lesson 2: Class Assignments 13:05 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson explains the various assignments that go with Laban work for characterization. The instructor goes through them in detail so that you’re comfortable with them when it’s time to assign them to your students.
Lesson 3: Eight Efforts 33:28
In this lesson you’ll learn the Laban efforts and their component parts. Also, you’ll learn how an impulse improv will help your students experience the Laban efforts.
Lesson 4: Laban and Voice 18:08
Using warm ups and exercises tailored to the Laban efforts, you will learn how to get your students to focus on Laban and the voice while working on monologues.
Lesson 5: Laban, Voice and Body 15:00
In this lesson, using warm ups and exercises, you’ll learn how to have your students apply Laban both physically and vocally to their monologues.
Lesson 6: Extended Character Showoff 12:40
In lesson 6, you’ll work with the extended character assignment and allow the students to do an “extended character showoff.”
Lesson 7: Second Extended Character Showoff 12:27
This lesson is a second extended character show off. You’ll learn how to use students assignments so they can share what they’ve observed and learned about the characters they are creating.
Lesson 8: Extended Character Improv Interview 9:25
In lesson 8, you’ll learn about the extended character improv interview and how it helps students learn about and create characters.
Lesson 9: Wrap-Up 3:49
The final lesson is a wrap up of the course and a quick review of each previous lesson.

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