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Improvisation Drama 10

1 use warmup techniques for preparation of body, voice and mind

10 demonstrate appropriate rehearsal methods

11 apply the essential elements of a story: character, setting, conflict, climax and plot in planned and unplanned scenes

12 create, relate and polish a story

13 communicate meaning without words

14 discover how various emotions affect one vocally and physically

15 initiate a dramatic situation in response to a given stimulus

16 make logical choices spontaneously within the boundaries of situation and character

17 demonstrate the ability to accept, advance, offer or block thought and action, quickly and effectively

18 extend the illusion of the onstage environment by creating an offstage reality

19 demonstrate techniques for creating effective entrances and exits, consistent with character

2 demonstrate the ability to be still

20 critique the work of self and others through observation and expression of specific detail

21 demonstrate techniques for communicating the “illusion of the first time” within a planned situation

22 distinguish between performer and character

23 use varied stimuli for character development

24 select and use vocal techniques appropriate to a character

25 select and use language appropriate to character and situation

26 use body language to add physical dimensions and depth to a character

27 demonstrate economy in movement and speech by making appropriate selections

28 demonstrate how attitude, and change in attitude, affects a character

29 demonstrate understanding of and apply the concept of status

3 maintain concentration during exercises

30 demonstrate understanding of and apply the concepts of a character’s objectives and motivation

31 demonstrate the ability to focus on, and achieve, the objective of a scene

32 sustain a character throughout a scene or exercise

4 demonstrate heightened sensory awareness

5 create experiences through imaging, visualizing and fantasizing

6 demonstrate thinking in a divergent mode

7 examine and express feelings

8 tell a story spontaneously

9 use appropriate stage directions

Theatre Studies Drama 10 (Greek, Medieval or Elizabethan, and Canadian)

1 recognize theatre has evolved as a traditional art form

2 recognize innovations in the theatre

Theatre Studies Drama 20

3 recognize the elements of critique

Standards Master List

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